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Noble Equipment Establishment

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Noble Equipment Establishment
Mussafah 9, Abu Dhabi
P. O. Box: 9020, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.)
+971-2-5554719 , (+971) 2-5554719

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TEEKAY channel couplings are a protected and dependable method for forever joining pipes together without the requirement for flanging, welding, funnel scoring or threading. Just place two channel closes together, fix the screws and the association is made while permitting the end client to spare Space, Weight, Time and Cost with each establishment. Accessible in sizes from 21.3mm funnel OD up to 4200mm channel OD, and evaluated up to PN16 for marine applications and PN42 for mechanical applications. Teekay holds marine endorsements with all significant accreditation bodies. DELTA PLUS, head quartered in France and recorded on the Paris stock trade, is one of the World's biggest makers of individual defensive hardware with a solid wholesaler system over the Globe. Delta Plus makes PPE items to the most recent International measures with CE confirmations, and commitment to plan, advancement and in particular - Quality. All Safe ALLSAFE FZE, an ISO 9001:2000 guaranteed organization, makes polyester lifting slings as per BS 3481 PT2 1983 and EN 1492 – 2. ALLSAFE produces an extensive variety of security items from lifting slings, freight lashing to fall capture frameworks. ALLSAFE Flat Lifting Slings: * Safety Factor 6:1 * Safety Factor 7:1 ALLSAFE Round Lifting Slings: * Tubular Round Slings * Center/Side Stitched Slings ALLSAFE Special Purpose Slings ALLSAFE Cargo Lashing ALLSAFE Personal Fall Arrest Products: * Safety Belts * Full Body Harnesses * Energy Absorbers * Connectors * Safety Sets

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