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Al Maahad Metal Fabrication Engineering

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Al Maahad Metal Fabrication Engineering
Industrial Area 13, Sharjah
Al Maahad Engineering P. O. Box :69133 – SHARJAH, U.A.E.
+971-6-5352261 , +971 6 5352261

Details of Al Maahad Metal Fabrication Engineering

AL MAAHAD ENGINEERING established in 2006 in Sharjah - UAE, is an innovative organization which is specialist in machinery heavy-duty attachments such as mechanical and rotating or non-rotating hydraulic rock grapples, clamshells, buckets, drum cutters, long reach and etc. It offers extensive and various types of heavy and light attachments manufactured based on engineering principles and technical standards for domestic and foreign customers.Since the company began its operation, it has reached significantly to the rapid growth in the steel products manufacturing field in the U.A.E. through manufacturing and supplies of high quality construction equipment attachments to the local and neighboring -countries customers since it began its operation. Technical team overseen by engineers is producing attachments for all kinds of earthmoving machinery in construction, mining, tunneling and road building industries. All products are being manufactured according to accurate engineering design so that all significant technical points related to the products and their working conditions are taken into account carefully to have a sound and high-quality product as result. Company Products and services Include: All kinds of Hydraulic, Mechanical or Electro-hydraulic heavy-duty or general-purpose Grapples such as rock handling, trimming, orange peel, diaphragm wall, round nose, demolition and etc in different capacitie for excavators, cranes, loaders and etc. All types of Hydraulic, Mechanical or Electro-hydraulic heavy-duty or general-purpose Clamshells such as digging/ dredging , Level cut and etc for excavators and cranes. All types of Heavy-duty or General-purpose Buckets like digging/ backhoe, sorting, grizzly and etc in different volumes for loaders, excavators, telehandlers and etc. Various types of hydraulic rotary cutters such as drum cutters and auger drills for different excavators. Long reach (2-segment and 3-segment) and demolition for excavatorsTowable recycling Scr

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This Company is Really Professional in Manufacturing All Kind of Heavy Equipment Attachment