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Souvenir Commercial Brokers LLC

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Souvenir Commercial Brokers LLC
Jumeirah, Dubai
Souvenir Commercial Brokers LLC P. O. Box: 413649, Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE +971 50 447 9323
+971 50 447 9323

Details of Souvenir Commercial Brokers LLC

Souvenir International is a leading healthcare consultancy based in the UAE. Although we are headquartered in Dubai, our operations span across the globe. The United Arab Emirates, being one of the most developed economies in the world, hosts skilled and talented people from all countries to meet its growing demand. Owing to businesses flourishing and people flocking in to try their share of luck, population density is on the rise in the UAE. This, in turn, opens up more opportunities in the healthcare sector in recent years UAE has also become a popular destination for the medical industry.

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